There’s a lot of free stuff online, but only those who know where to look can find it.

The old saying that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” is now obsolete. There are so many freebies readily available, that you can solve many of your problems without having to purchase anything.

Why You Need To Proceed With Caution

Freebies are awesome, buy you should be able to disseminate between the good and the daunting ones. 

There are situations in which it’s better to avoid free stuff and others in which you should go ahead and get the goodies. This guide is going to help you understand what to look at before taking the freebie you need.

Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are more than cool places to get fresh information on celebrities or on the life adventures of your friends. They are the place to be for all freebie hunters out there.

Many brands are already present in social media, as that’s where their potential clients are, too. Some of them use these channels to offer free product samples in exchange for a like or a tweet. 

However, by overusing this opportunity, you can easily find yourself flooded with messages and updates from brands you don’t really care about. Even worse, some of these companies may abuse your personal data. Social media is a thriving environment for fraudsters, so you have to be very careful.

Besides, your social media profiles speak volumes about who you are, so you shouldn’t use them to endorse companies or products that could hurt your image.

Online Communities

The internet has eased our efforts to get rid of unwanted stuff. Freecycle and Freegle are only two examples of places where you can advertise your unwanted items for other people to take them. you can also use such websites to search for free things you’d like to have.

Streetbank.com has pushed this limit, allowing users to share more than things they want to get rid of. By signing up for this website, you can offer your services and list things you can lend to others or give away for good.

This enables you not only to offer your junk to others, but also to help people by lending them useful items, and to provide your services for peculiar tasks. The members of such communities help each other, thus being able to save some money by not having to pay for services or tools they need.

Nonetheless, you have to be aware that becoming a member of such websites involves giving as well as taking. You can’t only benefit from the generosity of others without giving something in return.

Follow Freebie Websites

There are many companies that offer easy to win stuff on their Facebook pages. For instance, Dominos gave away hundreds of thousands of pizzas to those who happened to be on their page by the time they announced the promotion. These special offers are difficult to get, as they last for a very short time. This is why you should follow some of the best coupon and deal websites. Personally, I’m a big fan on MegaFreeStuff, because they usually post legit offers with quick expiration time. Besides, here I can find lots of freebies that are in my close neighborhood, thus being very easy to get. You should search for such a website that caters to your area of residence, and follow it closely. Like this, you won’t have to go very far away to collect your free stuff.

Unlike many other offers, you won’t have to write reviews or use your social media accounts to promote anything. You may have to sign up for a newsletter or like a Facebook page. This isn’t hard at all, so you’d only need a few seconds to grab your freebies.

Top 3 Sites:

1. Gumtree

Gumtree boasts a freebies section which is very similar to Freecycle. Its members upload stuff they don’t need any longer.

You can expect to find some rubbish among all these listed items, but you may also find things you’ve always wanted to get. For instance, we’ve spotted a dishwasher, a vintage typewriter and a coffee maker in only one day. Things some people don’t want to use anymore can be other people’s treasures, hence the popularity of such websites.

2. Hot UK Deals

Hot UK Deals has been around since 2004. You can register for free. The site features the latest top 10 best deals, lots of competitions and requests for deals on certain products. It is definitely worth checking out.

3. MegaFreeStuff

MegaFreeStuff.co.uk is a user-friendly website that lists over 600 freebies. They add 5-6 new ones each and every day, so you’ll find something new each time you’ll check it out again. By taking a look once a day, you can stay on top of the news, and grab your desired stuff before it goes away.

Most of these freebies are product samples such as shampoo, chocolate, and various other products. We love this site for its toiletries samples, as they are extremely handy while travelling.

Things to be careful about:

Read The Fine Print

You mat have come across popups saying you are the happy owner of a £100 gift card to McDonalds or to any other store for that matter. I’m sorry to tell you these offers are nothing but fakes. In order to get your card, you’ll have to complete several offers, many of them requiring a certain pay. You’ll end up spending a lot of money in exchange for your “gift card”, and this doesn’t make it exactly a “gift”. This is why it is very important that you read the fine print, as well as the terms and conditions before signing up for anything, even when it comes to global brands or big and reputable companies.

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