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Make & Save Money at Home

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10 Money-Saving Travel Tips That Really Work

10 Money-Saving Travel Tips That Really Work!

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I've put together these money-saving travel tips to help you cut the cost of travel, and make the most of your time and money abroad.

Travel Off-Peak

If you're able to travel out of season, the savings can be huge! Avoid booking your trip during school holidays where travel is the most expensive and aimed at parents who can't avoid peak-travel times..

Pack Smart!

Write a list of things you use day to day and extra items you will need when travelling.

If you are low in luggage space and buying everyday essentials during your trip research before you travel the cost of buying items at your destination, and take the most expensive ones with you.

Don't forget to pack for surprise weather!

Look Out For Free Admission Days Out

Google the local area for tourist activities with free admission, and free events in the local area. Facebook has a great 'events' feature and often local tour guides will have details of things to do in the area.

Take Your Lunch With You

Pack a lunch on days out and book accommodation that has facilities to cook and store food.

Buying bottled water in tourist areas is expensive, buy a large bottle from the supermarket and fill a reusable bottle for days out.

Shop Smart!

Save money by shopping where the local's shop, avoid supermarkets aimed at tourists where the prices will often be higher for the convenience.

If you're eating out avoid tourist areas and try markets and street-food for the best prices!

Buy Travel Insurance

Always make sure you have the best cover you can afford for sickness and injury.

Often home contents insurance will cover for loss and damage away from home, but you would need to check the policy exclusions before you travel.

Use Free WI-FI

Many cities now offer free wi-fi to citizens and tourists.

You can find free wi-fi in the following destinations -


How much do you have to spend per day?

Plan for excursions, meals, souvenirs, daily travel costs, and unexpected expenses.

Split your money by the number of days it needs to last and work out a daily budget.

Get The Best Exchange Rate

Shop around for the best exchange rate before you travel, and check with your bank for any hidden costs of spending on your cards abroad.

Public Transport

Public transport is often more cost-effective than hiring a car and a great way to get to popular tourist attractions.

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