Make & Save Money at Home

Make & Save Money at Home

Hi, my name is Kaya, I'm a stay at home Mum with a passion for finding bargains and making money at home. Any questions you have about our articles please feel free to contact me! And a quick heads up, this site uses affiliate links so that means I get a percentage of sign up deals (at no extra expense to you!).

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10 ways to save money at home

10 Ways To Save Money At Home

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Check out these easy ways to save money today!

With a few small changes, you could increase your disposable income and improve your finances in time for the New Year!

Comparison Websites

Set aside a few hours to look at your monthly outgoings, and search comparison websites for better deals on your utilities. You could save £100's by switching to a new supplier.

Check cashback websites for comparison deals for an added saving. It may be worth a call to the cancellations department before you switch, as you may be able to negotiate an even better deal at renewal.

Cashback On Your Purchases

A great way to save money is to claim cashback on your online purchases.

You can even use cashback apps to claim money back on your weekly shop.

Cancel Your T.V Licence

If you're using Netflix and Amazon Prime Video instead of watching live television, you may be able to cancel your T.V licence.

I realised the other day that I haven't watched an actual television for ten years!

0% Interest Your Debt

If you're paying interest on your debts, see if you're eligible for a 0% balance transfer. I recently switched the credit card balance from moving into this house to a 0% deal which means I will finally see the balance reduce.

Check Your Direct Debits

It's worth checking your monthly outgoings for any subscriptions that are no longer needed.

Make Sure Your Home Is Energy Efficient

Supermarket Yellow Ticket Savings

You can make fantastic savings by shopping in the reduced foods section of the supermarket. Most items can be cooked and frozen to extend the use-by date, and you will be helping the planet by reducing food waste.

Meal-Plan and Batch Cooking

Another great way to save money at home is to meal plan and batch cook. It will help you to resist takeaways, save money on ingredients and reduce food waste.

Switch To Supermarket Own Brands

You could save hundreds of pounds a year by switching to supermarket own branded products or even switching supermarkets altogether.

Aldi claim a typical basket of food in their store is up to 35% cheaper than a comparable basket in Tesco.

Shopping online with free delivery can save you money as you're less likely to fill your trolley with unnecessary items.

Buy Second-Hand

Check out ebay , Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace for great savings on furniture for your home.

I always look for good quality branded items online that are second-hand instead of buying cheaper alternatives new and I've found some beautiful items for a fraction of their original cost.

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