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Accounting Firms In London: A Guide.

Accounting Firms In London: A Guide.

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Accounting at its most basic can be said to be an attempt by an individual to keep record or track of the happenings and the things around him.

However, in today’s business world we tend to focus more on financial accounting that is more about keeping records, summarising and analysing financial data. It is defined in detail here.

Since the dawn of time, humans have, because of the environment they dwell in, had to keep track of the events around. This was very essential to the survival of humanity as a species.

He has had to keep track of the topography in which he dwells in, the seasons and times, and in fact the cycle of life itself. Doing this helped him to plan and adapt in other to survive.

With civilisation and development came the right to own things. Now individuals could lay claim to land, livestock and other resources.

With this right came the need for people to keep track of what they own so that in this way, they could monitor whatever progress they were making.

And if there wasn’t any progress, new plans and strategies could be formulated.

Also as civilisation and the development of human societies continued, so also did human and societal interactions. With it, concepts like buying and selling came to be which led to trade, which in turn led to the opening of markets.

In our world today, these systems are so evolved and so sophisticated that the accounting process is a system on its own. As such, it requires certain level qualifications and specialisations for one to be able to function and deliver properly the services involved in it.

In addition, the variety of services which they render or can render to businesses, corporate organisations and even the government and its institutions, make them pivotal in any economy.

It is a global system that is highly in sync. The services rendered by accounting firms in London can be rendered by those in the United States and those in every other part of the world. Again, it is a highly globalised system.

Services Rendered by Accounting Firms

There are a number of specialised services that any accounting firm worth its salt will be able to offer its clients. We will quickly look at some of these.

Book keeping

This is a process of keeping the records of the financial transactions in a business. They also have the responsibility of generating financial statements which is like a financial report on the affairs of a business.

Budgeting and Planning

Budgeting is the process of using the records of the transactions of an organisation within a given period, to estimate and make forecast of what such subsequent transactions would cost or take.

Thus budgeting and planning work hand in hand and are very key to the proper running of an organisation.


This is a process of providing financial advice and strategies to clients to enable them identify and successfully combat areas that are negatively impacting on the profitability of a business. They also advise on areas like taxation and on how to pursue future financial ambitions.

Human Resource Administration

This involves creating a system of managing and administrating the benefits, payments and compensation of workers in a business organisation. They might even help in the recruitment and training of staffs for a company.

Secretarial Services

Accountants can also render secretarial services in and for companies. As a matter of fact, in some climes, the company secretary has to be of that profession or of the legal profession.

Formation of a Company

Finally, they are very necessary for the proper formation, registration and running of a company. They play a very crucial role in setting up the organisational structure of business organisations.

The fact that there are lots of benefits to having the services of an accounting firm cannot be overstated. You can enjoy some further reading at:

Benefits of Accounting Firms

Below are a few benefits that you can enjoy from these firms.

They save You Time

As a business owner, with a lot of administrative which will definitely take time before they are achieved, they relieve you of some of these burdens which frees up your time to do other things.

Keeps Costs Down

Because of their experience and their knowledge of finance, they are able to advice you on how to go about your administrative duties in the most cost effective way.

Offer Financial Advice

Since they are basically financial experts, they offer sound financial advice especially in areas of investments to you in other to help your business grow. This helps the business owner to avoid making calamitous financial decisions that may bring the business to ruin.


In our world today, especially as it regards running a business, the difference between a successful business and a failing business is in the financial decisions they take.

Giving this, it is therefore very beneficial to hire the services of an accounting firm.

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