Amazing Ways to Save Money with Cashback Sites

What are Cashback Sites?

Let’s looks at how you can easily save money using cashback sites. Cashback websites pay you when you click through them, go to retailers or product providers and spend. You can make £100s a year using them correctly.

How I kick myself for missing out on these offers for so long! This week alone I have been paid £77 from TopCashBack and have just renewed our car insurance via them and saved us several hundred pounds a year, plus I’m expecting just under £100 cashback!

Some things to note – It can take several weeks, even months, for your cashback to become ‘payable’ & there is always the risk that the link won’t track and the vendor will refuse the cash back claim. For this reason I only advise using cash back sites for purchases that you would have made anyway. Treat it as a bonus and not something to be relied upon. One of the ways to avoid the cash back not tracking is clearing your browser cookies and making sure you only click through to the vendor site using the links provided by the cash back site

You can sign up to both the Cashback sites I am using by clicking these links (I may receive a bonus if you use these links) –

Matched Betting-

So far most of my cashback money has been made from clicking through to the bookmakers and signing up for my Matched Betting offers via the cash back site.

For example today Ladbrokes are offering a £50 free bet for new customers – Using matched betting we would expect to extract 80% of that as profit… But if you sign up through the Quidco link they are offering an additional £30 as cashback, and TopCashBack £17.25. Now from my experience these offers are hit and miss. Most have mine have tracked including the Ladbrokes one but as I mentioned before treat this as an extra bonus not to be relied on.

What else can I cashback sites for?-

The cashback sites I’ve used so far have both offered ‘free cashback’ for things like car insurance quotes and switching to a new search engine.

These ‘no purchase necessary’ cashback offers are handy if you want to try out the process without spending any money!

I’ve also used cashback sites for our car insurance, ebay & JustEat (more often than I should!).

Have you signed up for other good cashback sites that you recommend? Have you had any notable good or bad experiences with the ones I have listed? Let me know in the comments below!

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