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How to Buy a Kitchen Without Being Out of Pocket

How to Buy a Kitchen Without Being Out of Pocket

A brand spanking new kitchen would be great, wouldn’t it? You could invite your friends round for dinner parties and enjoy cooking on your shiny new stove. Unfortunately, brand new kitchens can sometimes break the bank – they can cost thousands and leave you with a hefty bill that takes years to pay off. However, there is a way that you can get a kitchen that you love without leaving yourself in debt – and here’s how.

Buy a Used Kitchen

If you’re keen on a new kitchen but you are on a really tight budget, you should consider buying a used kitchen. Used kitchens are generally sold on because they are not the homeowners taste or they need to make room for a new kitchen, and if you know where to look, you can grab a real bargain. However, don’t just take any old kitchen from the local buy and sell pages – use a recognised re-seller. Used Kitchen Exchange can help you buy a kitchen. They list used kitchens on their website with full measurements and professional photographs. You can arrange to view the kitchen before you make a decision, and if you decide to buy, the kitchen will be professionally removed, and can be stored or delivered for an additional fee. Used Kitchen Exchange has used kitchens for every budget and preference, whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden kitchen you can make your own, or a glossy handleless kitchen with all the latest mod cons.

Buy an Ex-Display Kitchen

If you have a little bit more money to spend, you could look into ex-display kitchens. Ex-display kitchens are sold on by showrooms to make room for new stock. This means that you can get a trend-led, designer kitchen for a fraction of the original price. Ex-display kitchens often have swish appliances and accessories included, so you can save yourself a fortune by buying ex-display rather than brand new. If you’re not sure where to buy ex-display kitchens, you can buy them through Used Kitchen Exchange – the company is partnered with many showrooms around the UK.

Renovate your Existing Kitchen

If your budget is basically non-existent, but you dream of a new kitchen, why not give yours a makeover? It’s really easy to do, especially if you have a wooden shaker style kitchen. You can get a tin of paint for less than £20 and paint your units. Next, visit eBay and get some new handles for your cupboards. Have a good sort out, and put all your clutter in jars on shelves. If you don’t think you have room for shelves, try and install them in creative spaces – above the window or in the corner.

New worktops can dramatically change the appearance of your kitchen, and you don’t have to spend a lot on it to get the desired effect. Laminate is cheap and effective, as it can mimic several more expensive materials. Lastly, don’t forget about your kitchen lighting. Relying solely on overhead spotlights is so outdated – have fun with undercabinet lighting, plinth lighting and pendant lighting to effectively illuminate the different areas of your kitchen. If you need to re-wire to accommodate for new lighting, ensure that you hire a qualified electrician.

You can remodel your kitchen yourself if you are a competent DIY-er. There’s a handy guide here that will walk you through the various renovations and what you need to buy to complete them.

Would you buy a used or ex-display kitchen?

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