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Make & Save Money at Home

Hi, my name is Kaya, I'm a stay at home Mum with a passion for finding bargains and making money at home. Any questions you have about our articles please feel free to contact me! And a quick heads up, this site uses affiliate links so that means I get a percentage of sign up deals (at no extra expense to you!).

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Shall We Side Hustle £1000 by Christmas?

If you have been following my blog awhile, you will know that I love Christmas.

My Christmas preparations start in January when I buy ALL of the reduced decorations and wrapping paper. By June I am watching Polar Express at any given opportunity, and by mid-October, I will be ready to crack on with watching ELF for the 50th time.

I wrote a post last year including my tips for a great Christmas on a budget. I will be using some of the ways to make money mentioned in that post to make extra cash for this year's Christmas challenge.

So the aim is to make £1000 in EXTRA cash between 25th September-25th December.

I have set a target that is achievable and will give us a comfortable Christmas sticking to a budget. I won't be going crazy and spending a £1000 on toys for Willow - This target includes the money I will spend in the January Sales for next Christmas, all of the food shopping expenses after I use my Nectar points, presents, and some other exciting plans that I will be able to share in December!

I will include -

I won't include-

I will update this post weekly with my totals, and I will be sharing lots of content with ways you can increase your income in time for a debt-free Christmas!

If you would like to join in the 'Cash for Christmas' challenge, set yourself a realistic target depending on the time you have, and how much money you need to save for a comfortable Christmas.

I've had a great start with an eBay sale, and I've been accepted for a Speech Recording task.. More details on that later!

If you're looking to improve your finances check out this post from Debt Free Family - Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps UK.

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