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Supercharge your Extra Earnings with Mystery Shopping

Supercharge your Extra Earnings with Mystery Shopping

What are Mystery Shopping Jobs?

Marketing agencies are getting paid fortunes by large brands to make sure they are represented properly in store. You can sign up to these agencies and get paid to complete "mystery shopping jobs" which mostly involve going into shops and buying things, or asking questions about the availability of items.

The mystery shopping jobs are posted online and the first person to select the assignment will get the job and have to complete it in a certain time frame. You can get the money back for the items you buy plus extra cash if you do everything the assignment asks (Yes that's right, you get paid to go shopping!).

I’ve been mystery shopping for a few months now and the results have been a real mix. However, I have been paid for all assignments, which is always a good thing!


The first company I joined is MarketForce and this company provide me with the most assignments. I’ve had a few well paid jobs but mostly they are smaller fees with lots of free food, homeware, clothing & regular work! They pay twice a month straight into your account. The reports are fairly long and you need to read the assignment notes carefully to ensure that you are paid.


The next company I have completed mystery shopping jobs for is REDWIGWAM. The pay with these guys is fantastic (well relatively) and the jobs are really easy to complete. I live in an area where the availability is low but I still manage one or two a week and the freebies are great! An extra bonus is they can pay within 24hours.

I will sign up to a few more agencies and post info as I go. mystery shopping is definitely a good way to top up your monthly income and receive some freebies too. I was sceptical at first but the companies above are legitimate and you will get paid as long as you complete the reports accurately and in the time frames given. Happy shopping everyone!

Are you a mystery shopper? Do you have any questions about becoming one? Let us know in the comments below!

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