Entertaining Your Kids for Free This Summer Holidays

Many parents have to face the situation where whatever they do the kids won’t fall asleep or there is a
constant complaining about the summer being a boring one. Just Free Stuff which is a freebies UK
website have come up with some ideas that can help you entertain your kids without having to pay any
fee for that. All parents develop their own techniques to keep their kids entertained and busy but below
are the ones that I personally really liked. If you have any similar or different ideas that work then do
1- Pillow Fort
Building a pillow fort will never get old or less entertaining for the kids. All you need are some sofa
cushions, sleeping bags and pillows to make a comfy fort that you can throw in some books or toys into
and might also get in along with your kids as well to keep them entertained.
2- Toy Hunt
Simple and funny game it is. You hide all of your kids’ toys at different approachable places in the house
and give them a bucket. They would love the toy hunt and you would love some time focusing on your
3- Dancing
Hit a nice and groovy kid song and dance along your kids. Kids love it when adults act immature with
them. You can dance and do your chores at the same time. Music helps relax and boosts up the energy
levels so it makes a great scenario for you to work and your kids to stay busy. You can also throw a
dance party for your kids’ friends to make things more exciting for them.
4- Hide and Seek
We loved this game, our elders loved this game and there is no chance that the next generations
wouldn’t get excited about this game. Depending on your kids’ age, you would have to be a little lenient
about their obvious hiding spots but it would still be the same game that would offer some levels of
5- Eat Outdoors
It can be really hard for parents to feed a kid who refuse to eat at all. You can make a similar situation
more exciting for your kid by moving into the lawn or the living room. If there’s a fort built in like
mentioned above then pretending to feed the food to your kids’ toy can be really helpful in this
If you have some more ideas on how to keep your kids entertained without spending any money then
would love for you to share them.

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