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Save Money Get Free Tea And Coffee

Discover the Ultimate Guide on How to Get Free Coffee and Tea

How can I get free tea & coffee?

If you're a Brit, you know that a cup of tea helps everything become better. If a cup of tea or coffee is free it further enhances its popularity and can be a driving force that keeps people coming back again and again. For that reason, WOW Free Stuff has searched high and low to find the best places offering these free drinks and we want to share the ultimate guide to free coffee and tea.

Why Would Any Establishment Giveaway Free Coffee or Tea?

You might be thinking that it's just too good to be true and there must be a catch if they're giving it away free. But companies have a very good reason for doing so.

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1. It Gives Them A Chance to Introduce Their Product to You

Companies always want to get new customers and what a better way to do that than by giving away their own brand of tea and coffee. When they do this, they believe that you will end up loving it and you'll buy it the next time you need some. It's much easier to get someone to try something when it's given away for free. Everyone has tons of choices and offering these beverages for free is a great way for companies to get in front of potential new customers and it's also fun for those getting the free beverage.

2. Shop Owners Want Your Loyalty

When a supermarket gives away free tea and coffee to the patrons it builds loyalty and keeps them coming back. It also builds reciprocity and encourages those patrons to spend their money in the store because they're getting something extra for it. As a customer, you can make the most of your time at the supermarket by claiming your free cup of tea because you deserve it.

How Can I Get My Free Coffee or Tea?

How to get your free beverage will depend on the place but often they will have a loyalty card that you sign up for. IKEA, Waitrose, and others offer free coffee and tea to those with loyalty cards. There are also other places in the UK where you can get a free hot beverage so keep reading.

Companies like Starbucks as well as chain restaurants will often announce free campaigns such as beverage giveaways on their social media page. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and keep a lookout for an announcement. Birchall and Redbush, as well as Twinings are among the tea companies that offer to send free samples of their tea bags which gives you a chance to taste it before making a buying decision.

Look at The Free Tea That Is Currently Available

All this talk about free tea may have your mouth watering and you might be asking where you can get it. Below is a list of some places in the UK where you can get your free hot beverage.


This company offers a loyalty card that you can sign up for and they'll send it to you allowing you to get a free hot beverage. It will require that you make an in-store purchase but there's no minimum price on that purchase to get the free tea. They allow you to choose between a latte, tea, cappuccino, Americano, and even hot chocolate. You can sign up now and the next time you go in, you get your free hot drink.

John Lewis

This free offer is double the fun because you will not only get a free hot beverage but also a piece of cake. This program is also one where you'll sign up for a membership and at least three times a year they'll send you a voucher that allows you to get the hot beverage of your choice along with a piece of cake. The card will also accumulate points that will give you additional rewards and even some surprise treats. Once you sign up, it'll take only about 2 weeks to get your card.


Many families enjoy shopping at this outlet and the free tea makes it that much more fun. You just need to become a member and you'll be able to get a cup of tea or coffee, whichever you choose each time you visit. Sometimes when shopping we get tired and want to relax a bit and it's that much more enjoyable when you get a free cup of tea to relax with. Becoming a member also entitles you to several other benefits and discounts as well as 10% off any purchase.


Once you register for this loyalty card you'll be able to get a free hot chocolate, tea, or coffee and even a croissant to go along with it. If a croissant is not your thing you can choose a pain au chocolat. Anyone who has never enjoyed breakfast at Paul's will find it a real treat. You will be able to enjoy a Parisian breakfast that's delicious and more importantly, free.


This is a great snack spot located on the High Street and it's another of the great places to get a free hot beverage. When you sign up for their rewards app they allow you to get a hot drink free. The app itself is very user-friendly so even someone who's not tech-savvy will not have a problem and can easily claim their free drink. Just register and you'll also be entitled to rewards as well as a free tea.


If you're anywhere near the Northwest, you can regularly get a free hot drink at Booths. You'll also be able to keep track of spending using an electronic receipt. You will be able to get an afternoon tea and even receive discounts on weekend newspapers. You can get your temporary card in the store today.


If you're a Londoner, then you can get a free coffee at Benugo simply by signing up for their newsletter. These restaurants and cafes are often located in beautiful spots including the British Museum, Regent's Park, and the Natural History Museum. The next time you're in the Big Smoke you can easily sign up. The voucher for a free coffee is only valid for a month from the date that you apply, so you'll need to remember that.

Cosy Club

If one of these Club restaurants is near you and you're over 65 years old, then you're in luck. Every Wednesday between 10 and 11 you can get a free pot of tea. It's a great way to enjoy the midweek morning and it gives you a chance to meet like-minded people.


The rewards app Wuntu will allow you to get a number of benefits and freebies. Wuntu will regularly team up with Costa and offer a free hot beverage so you should keep an eye out for that.

Caffe Nero

Tuesday brings joy to priority customers. If you're with the 02 you will be able to score a free hot beverage at Caffe Nero every Tuesday. You'll also be able to collect stamps for your loyalty.

So now you have some great places to grab a free hot beverage and you know how to do it. Are there any that I managed to leave off? If so, just let me know and spread the word.

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