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Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Dog Food Review

Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Dog Food Review

Lola has had a busy week and has been taste testing Hill's Science Plan ™ adult dog food.

We were sent a 2.5kg bag to review, and Lola has been enjoying it for seven days.

I have been using a (paid for!) subscription service for Lola's food, and the meat content/ingredients are similar. She needs slightly less of the Hill's formula according to the feeding guide, which makes it very slightly cheaper but neither are budget foods. I am a big believer in eating well and happy to pay for good quality food.

The first thing I noted was the velcro fastening on the bag to keep the food fresh. I love a good bag seal, and this one outperforms the one on Lola's usual food because it actually works!

You can see on the front of the packaging Hill's dog food is 'veterinarian-recommended' which is reassuring, and I have seen the brand stocked in Lola's vet practice to help treat dietary related conditions.

Before I started the process of gradually switching to the new food I had a look at Hill's website to see the Key Benefits of feeding Hill's Science Plan -

Lola isn't a fussy dog, I've seen her eat some pretty unimaginable things when we are out walking so I was confident she would happily eat this food. What I did notice is the texture is different to Lola's usual brand, the pieces are smaller and slightly softer and it does look more appealing.

As expected she inhaled the lot within seconds.

The main difference I noticed was Lola had been going to the toilet A LOT since starting her subscription food, and since changing to Hill's she is back to her regular toilet habits. Horray!

I do prefer the texture and smell of Hill's and would happily make this a permanent switch. The cost is £32.99 for 12kg and you can purchase it from several online retailers shown on the Hill's ™ website.

Let me know if you have tried this brand, what were your thoughts?

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