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How a Storage Unit Could Help You Make More Money

How a Storage Unit Could Help You Make More Money

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On a basic level, running a business involves selling something. How much space you need to store the things you sell depends on the business, but unless you’re selling purely digital services, you’re going to need some sort of storage.

In the beginning, storing physical items at home isn’t a problem. It’s easy to hide one or two boxes of stock.

Later, though, when business is a bit brisker and one or two boxes have morphed into many, home storage can really cramp your lifestyle. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself living in a warehouse, with space for people completely overrun by boxes and packing materials.

This is when a firm dividing line between home and work can transform both your business and your personal life.

Saving Time and Money with Self Storage

Expanding a business out of the home and into premises is beyond the reach of many a small business. Office costs are enormous, and warehouses come with additional expenses for utilities and VAT, plus far more space than you’ll ever need.

A happy halfway house is a self storage unit. Towns across the country have facilities, and the rental terms are favourable to business owners who need professional and secure storage they can depend on.

Having a dedicated space for stock means you can really get organised. You can:

Safe, Flexible Working Spaces

Maintaining stock levels is only one aspect of running a business and working for yourself. At the same time you have to scout out new product lines, look after your customers, pack up orders ready to dispatch, and keep an eye on new orders coming in.

Seasonal issues can also be a headache for retailers. Christmas is the busiest time of year, but extra sales demands extra space for extra stock. If you’re storing at home, your space is fixed. With a storage unit you have as much or as little space as you need, virtually on demand.

Need an extra room for seasonal overflow, to tide you over for a few weeks? With self storage rental terms being counted in weeks, you can confidently take advantage of overstock bargains or pick up extra supplies without worrying about being locked into lengthy leases.

With many storage facilities having Internet access, you can also do all your admin tasks right from your storage room. A small desk in the corner is somewhere to put the laptop, but it’s also a packing station and a place to keep wrapping materials, boxes and labels.

Having a storage unit puts your business on a professional footing. Your stock is organised, you can work more efficiently, keep regular hours, and most importantly, build your profits while maintaining a sane family life.

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