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Jobspotter by Indeed - Earn Money for Spotting Job Adverts in Shop Windows

Jobspotter Review - Earn money on the go!

Today I'm going to talk about one of my favourite apps for making money on the go - 'Job Spotter'. It's so simple and easy to use it almost feels like free money!

Job Spotter is an app created by 'Indeed' which is a well known job vacancies website.

The way the app works is when you are out and about if you spot a job vacancy advert in a shop window you take a quick picture of the sign and submit it via the app.

Jobspotter screenshot 2

The logic behind this is large high street retailers will of course advertise their vacancies online. Indeed are looking for the independent retailer vacancies, cafe's and bars etc, which once your submission is approved you can see advertised on the 'Indeed' website.

This means the points awarded for a large retailer will be a lot less than an otherwise unadvertised job in your local pub's window. You will find the points awarded for a large retailer are around 5-25 and I think the most I have been awarded is 100 points for a job in a local bistro.

Each job advert can only be submitted once every 30 days so if you want to take your job spotting really seriously you can check on the 'Indeed' website to see if an area has already been 'spotted' as job adverts will be marked as a Job Spotter submission. You can also resubmit the same job you took yourself if the advert is still in the window after 30 days.

Jobspotter screenshot 2

It takes seconds to snap the two pictures required for a submission which is the job advert and the shop sign, easy money! Unless you live in a very rural location in which case this app probably isn't for you.

Getting started with Job Spotter

The app is free to download and available on both iOS and Android.

Once you have downloaded the app you create an account using your email address and the guidelines are really easy to follow.

My tips would be - make sure your location is enabled on your phone, take a clear close-up photo of the sign in the window and a clear photo INCLUDING the business name on the shop front, make sure not to include any people in your pictures and allow up to 72 hours for your submission to be verified.

Job Spotter Verify Submissions

As part of the Job Spotter app, you also have the opportunity to review other people's submissions to earn points. This can be done from anywhere so it's a nice easy few points from home. There is a cut off limit which appears to be 100 points and then you will need to make some more submissions of your own before reviewing any further.

The amount of time it takes you to earn the points depends on your 'trust score' which you build up as you mark submissions on the app.

You can find the 'verify' tab next to 'submissions'.

Jobspotter screenshot 1

Job Spotter Earnings

The part we all want to know.. How much can I earn? There is no limit on the number of submissions you can make on Job Spotter. Payment is made using Amazon gift cards and you can cash out any amount with no minimum requirement. Whenever I have cashed out I have received my Amazon gift card within 24 hours.

The points value across the app is almost as confusing as the algorithm but it works out at approximately 0.75p per point.

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