LinkFolio social media tool review

LinkFolio is a social media linking tool that offers so much more than just a convenient way to link your media accounts. 

If you work in content creation and social media is your go-to for connecting with brands, then LinkFolio from FamePick is a great way to maximise the reach from one link in your Insta bio. 

Setting up your LinkFolio account is quick and easy, you can download FamePick from the app store and create your free LinkFolio account from there. 

The app will generate a link that connects all of your social media accounts and websites, making it easy for brands to view all of your channels and media kit in one place.

You can customise your LinkFolio account to represent your brand, and create a media kit that connects with brands via the outreach services provided by FamePick.

There is space to write a full and detailed profile. Brands can connect with you via the app where you can pitch for, and accept work.

This is a really useful tool which I’m enjoying and looking forward to exploring it more.

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