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Supercharge your Extra Earnings with Blogger Outreach

Make money from your blog with Blogger Outreach

How can I earn money from blogging?

If you are looking to make money from blogging then taking part in blogger outreach campaigns, otherwise known as influencer marketing, can be one of the best ways to get paid blogging work.

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What is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is the relationship between brands and social media/blogging ‘influencers’.

A brand will pay an influencer to review a product, write a sponsored post including links for SEO purposes, attend an event, or even become a brand ambassador.

Bloggers that build an engaged audience, have a social media presence, will have influence and brands are keen to use this to reach potential customers.

Where can I find paid Blogging Assignments?

A great place to start is registering with agencies that offer blogger outreach services.

Most blogger outreach agencies have Twitter and Facebook pages and can be found using a simple search. There are several Facebook groups set up for PR/Brands to reach out to influencers. A few of my favourites -

I also find the hashtags on Twitter #bloggerswanted #prrequest are useful, and Linkedin for finding the PR email for brands.

Blogger Outreach tips

Consider the type of product you're willing to promote. I blog about making money online, but I am often approached by brands that have zero relevance and will occasionally be creative with my content to include a brand that I really like.

Make sure your email is easy to locate on your website, so if a brand finds you and you're a good fit they can reach out to you.

Blogger outreach agencies are looking more at engagement than numbers (followers) which is great for brands and influencers. Work on engaging with your followers and creating a strong brand for your blog.

Consider creating a media kit containing your website statistics, social media numbers, the services you offer and prices you charge.

PR's - when sending the same email to multiple bloggers double check you have updated the name and blog URL. I've read posts from bloggers saying they automatically delete emails with a mistake like this, although I've made good money accepting it as an easy mistake to make. Similarly, when approaching a brand make sure you have written an email that is relevant to the brand and addressed to the right person.

Stick to deadlines both as a blogger, and outreach agency.

It is possible to monetise your blog as a new blogger, others take time to build their brand before making any money from blogging, assuming you want to earn from your blog! If you have a low DA score but a high following you may earn more from affiliate links and reviews. Those with a high DA may find SEO campaigns work well too.

Hopefully, you will find this post helpful, build relationships with brands and make a success of blogger outreach. This post is a collaboration and may contain affiliate links.

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