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Panel App Review - Great Cash Making App or am I Just Being Spied On?

Panel App Review - Is it a scam? Great Cash Making App or am I Just Being Spied On?

Panel App collects data from your phone which they use to track your shopping preferences and internet activity.

You are then rewarded for your soul information with Amazon gift cards, MasterCard vouchers, or sweepstake entries.

Placed, the company behind Panel App, have been registered since 2011 and are a legitimate research company.

The app is available on both iOS and Android and has good reviews on both stores. You can also sign up by going to the Panel App website

The process is simple and it’s a nice passive (albeit small) income IF you are comfortable with an app obtaining detailed information on your web searches and your location.

My experience with Panel App so far has been a positive one. I downloaded the app on my phone for free, registered with some basic information and a few times a week I receive a notification offering me the opportunity to complete a survey.

The rest of the time the app is left running in the background.

The survey they send you is a Google map and you're then asked to confirm which business/premises you were visiting at the time.

It sounds creepier than it is, you can read the full privacy disclosure on their website.

From my own experience and others that I’ve spoken to it appears earnings are dependent on your location, how much travelling you do and your internet activity.

I’ve received several Amazon vouchers from Panel App and the process has been quick and easy. Once you have enough points you can request to redeem them as a voucher which is usually emailed to you in within a few days (they ask you allow up to six weeks).

They also have a generous friend referral scheme

Call me paranoid but I always redeem my points at the minimum threshold and print off the vouchers rather than keep all the points stored in the app, just in case there are any problems withdrawing.

Payment Options

Amazon Gift Card, MasterCard Vouchers or Sweepstake entries.

Payment Threshold

£1 Amazon gift card when you reach 1,230 points.

£2 Amazon gift card when you reach 2,460 points.

£5 Amazon or MasterCard voucher redeemable when you reach 6,140 points.


£25 MasterCard/Amazon gift card when you reach 60 points.

£50 MasterCard/Amazon gift card when you reach 100 points.

£100 MasterCard/Amazon gift card when you reach 200 points.

My Thoughts

Panel App is a valid tool for making a few extra pounds whilst requiring very little actual time and effort. I dont feel as though it spies on me any more than all the other Apps on my phone do, and this one actually pays me for it!

Would you put Panel App on your phone for a bit of extra spending money? Let me know x

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