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The advantages of buying second-hand appliances

The Advantages of buying Second-hand Appliances

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It is something of a fashion, nowadays, to treat everything as disposable. This has a devastating impact on the environment, and it’s an increasing problem – as Currys state, the amount of electrical waste we throw away is increasing by 5% each year. So if your fridge-freezer or washing machine has completely died on you and has been declared irreparable, hold off on buying a new appliance. Instead, once you have arranged for your old appliance to be responsibly disposed of, consider buying second-hand. This may seem like a false economy, but there are some solid reasons for going pre-loved.

1. Money

Used machines will almost always be considerably cheaper than new, even if they are in immaculate condition and only being disposed of because the owner is having their kitchen redone and they need a different size, shape or colour appliance in order to fit in with the new look. If you choose wisely, you can snap up a bargain for about half the price of a new appliance.

2. Save the planet’s resources

Buying an already manufactured machine saves the resources, energy and transportation involved in the making of an entirely new one. This is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, especially if you choose a good energy-rating in your second-hand machine.

3. Save an old machine from the dump

Buying a second-hand machine means that it is safely in use, not rusting on the side of the road somewhere, or mouldering on a dump or landfill. Even if old machines are stripped down to reuse or recycle whatever is possibly salvageable, there will be a lot of unwanted bits and pieces that end up polluting waterways or making an unlovely silhouette somewhere. If there was a better market for second-hand machines, less of them would be dumped or thrown away, as the faux stigma of having ‘old’ things falls away.

4. PAT for safety!

If you have your doubts about the safety of an appliance that you are interested in purchasing second-hand, you can always get it PAT tested before you buy it. While this does not guarantee that the machine will run perfectly, it does mean that the electrics are in good condition and that the wiring is unlikely to cause a fire in your home. A simple test period before the sale is final can be agreed between yourself and the vendor if you do have doubts about the quality of the machine’s functioning.

5. Matured with age

Sometimes, older machinery can be a better prospect than a brand new appliance. Brand new products can sometimes have teething problems, whereas second-hand products are tried and tested. Fridges and freezers, in particular, can last up to 20 years with little maintenance. Many people throw away perfectly good appliances simply because they don’t fit in with their current aesthetic, so snap them up: you’re still sure to get plenty of use out of them.

6. More choice for your money

With a wide range of very reasonably priced second-hand items, you can tailor your choices towards your needs. If the household has become smaller recently – maybe all the children have moved out, for example – you can opt for a smaller, but more efficient and faster washing machine. Or if you are thinking about working from home, making cakes and so on, then you could invest in a larger fridge – without needing to pay specialist prices for your new appliances.

Now you know some of the benefits of purchasing second-hand appliances, how do you think you will proceed in the future? Will you embrace an older, slightly more frugal but planet-friendly way of thinking about your appliances and their replacements, or will you stick to paying full price for machines that might not stand the test of time in the way that these ‘oldies but goodies’ already have done? Hopefully, you will decide to give an old tumble-dryer a new home, and let it prove to you that your faith is not misplaced!

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