Shopmium UK Cashback App – Free & discounted food & drink

Shopmium UK cashback app review

When you first open the Shopmium UK cashback app, it shows you a list of items that will either be free or discounted, usually by 50%. You go to the store where the offer is available, make your purchase and upload the receipt on the app. The money is refunded to your PayPal account, usually within 24hrs.

Supermarkets use these cashback offers to entice you in store, so if you’re being frugal, it’s important to only use them for things you would be buying anyway without the discounts luring, otherwise fill your boots!

The offers on Shopmium I find personally suit me better than most of the shopping cashback apps that I have tried so far i.e. I see a lot of offers on stuff I regularly buy (chocolate) or things I have been wanting to try (coconut water with vodka).

It’s not only food and drink available on the app they have a good range of household items too, from cleaning to beauty products.

If you keep the receipts from your shopping trips, there are other ways you can get extra rewards too. Miss Manypennies has written a great article about receipt-apps, so go check that out.

Shopmium UK referral scheme-

Shopmium also has a generous friend referral scheme where for every friend (limited to 100) that downloads the app and successfully claims their free gift, which at the moment is a bar of Lindt chocolate, you receive a free credit of £4. That credit can be redeemed against offers where the product is discounted. So for example at the moment they have the Punk’D oat bars reduced by 50% and I can use my credit to cover the other 50% meaning I will receive the product for free. If you would like to use my friend referral code, first download the app from your App store and when prompted enter my code which is AUYCUAFC. Feel free to drop yours in the comments below for others to use and let me know how you get on with the app, and more importantly enjoy the free chocolate!

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