Which are the best money making task apps for your phone?

Task Apps such as Roamler and Be My Eye make up a large part of my monthly income, so I wanted to share with you some of the money making apps I have found, and the best way to use them.

I have found these apps work very well alongside Mystery Shopping to really give my earnings a boost.

Once you have the app downloaded and a client needs an audit in your area the ‘task’ will be added to a map and if you are able to complete the task you assign yourself the job.

The work varies so some days I am photographing telephone boxes and the next day I might be checking the speed limit on a particular road, checking prices are correct in a supermarket and displays are well stocked, or photographing a particular product.

You will need a smartphone with a reasonable camera as your tasks will mostly involve taking pictures to validate your work, and if you drive it’s helpful to have a sat-nav and an in car phone charger if you’re planning to complete multiple jobs.

The tasks are inconsistently added so you can expect days where 3000 jobs are added country wide and then nothing for a week. I find with good planning and the use of several apps I can find an area with good availability most days.

The pay per task is around £5 on average. If there is a task nearing the end of the completion deadline I have seen the pay increase up to £50 per task but this is rare, and of course if you ignore the task at £5 hoping for a pay increase the chances are someone else will grab it at a fiver. Some of the apps pay into your PayPal the same day, and others are bank transfer weekly/monthly which I have covered in more detail below.

You don’t need to live in a city for these apps to be worthwhile and some cover several different countries. I think it’s helpful if you drive unless you are in a city with good transport links. One thing to be aware of is you are normally given a 2-4hr window to complete the tasks so keep this in mind when booking jobs, especially if you are using public transport.

As you can see Task Apps are a great way to make money with your phone, why not check out this great post for other ways to make free cash!

task 360 logo

Task 360 –

Available on iOS (please note Task360 is only available on iOS – I use an Android phone but I have a work iPhone just for this app alone and it’s worth it!). EDIT: TASK 360 HAS MERGED WITH BE MY EYE

Payment Options-

Task360 pay via bank transfer. Tasks are usually checked and become payable the day after you submit them (this will vary). You then request a payout which they normally process on Fridays.

My Thoughts-

This is the app I probably complete the most work for and I find them the best to work with. The key with all of these apps is picture quality and attention to detail. Some of the apps can send back tasks as incomplete and ask you to retry them if they find fault with your submission, but from my experience it is extremely rare for Task360 to do this.

roamler logo


Available on iOS/Android.

Payment Options

Roamler pay via PayPal. Tasks are usually checked within 4-12 hours (this will vary). You can immediately request a payout which is transferred almost instantly to your PayPal account.

My Thoughts-

Roamler is another app which I use to make up most of my income from tasks. Unlike some of the other task apps the work with Roamler is regular but there isn’t as much availability. It’s a fun app and more interactive than the others. One thing to note is when you sign up you may need a code so please drop a message below and I can help you with that. Also, you need to reach level 2 before you can complete paid tasks.. It’s a bit of a mission getting there but worth the effort!

be my eye logo


Available on iOS/Android (please use my code 0r79oy and we get a £3 bonus each when you complete your first mission).

Payment Options

You can request payment via PayPal once you reach £5 and bank transfer min £20. Tasks are checked within 24hrs of you submitting them but as with the other apps this can vary.

My Thoughts-

I haven’t had as much work from this app as the others but when it does become available the pay is good and the work is easy so it’s worth having the app and checking it regularly.


streetspotr logo


Available on iOS/Android.

Payment Options

PayPal. Usually tasks become payable 30 days after completion.

My Thoughts-

Streetspotr has a good amount of regular clients. It’s worth noting some of these jobs come with a letter of authority giving you permission to take a few pictures for the client and it makes the task a lot easier if you use this.

Let me know in the comments if you need a Roamler code.

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